Keep looking at website in events column for news of what's on and programme for information on weekly services.




On March 31st we have Jeff Phillips the Postman from London taking the service, it's usually a very good evening with Jeff and his sense of humour. I hope you'll come along and join us.

Sat        Mar 24th           7.30pm             Clairvoyance                    Ed Saunders of Bristol

Sun       Mar 25th           6.30pm             Divine Service                George Burridge of Truro

Tues      Mar 27th          2.30pm             Clairvoyance         Pam Bowers of Plymouth

Sat        Mar 31st            7.30pm             Clairvoynce                    Jeff Phillips of London




Sun       Apr 1st               6.30pm             Divine Service                Gerry & Shirley Camborne-Paynter of Rilla Mill

Tues     Apr 3rd              2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Tracey Mcquaid of Plymouth

Sat        Apr 7th              7.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Vi Robinson of Newquay
Sun       Apr 8th              6.30pm             Divine Service                Roy Starling of St Merryn

Tues     Apr 10th            2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Dorita Avery of Falmouth

Thursday 12th April.  Social Evening. 7.30pm with Private Readings

Sat        Apr 14th            7.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Chris Jervis of Redruth

Sun       Apr 15th            6.30pm             Divine Service                Jean Newell of Plymouth, CGWM

Tues     Apr 17th            2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Kerry Jackson of Camborne

Sat        Apr 21st            7.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Jan Cheney of Falmouth

Sun       Apr 22nd           6.30pm             Divine Service                Anya Simmons of Redruth

Tues     Apr 24th            2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Kim Weir of Redruth

Sat        Apr 28th             7.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Martin Parsons of Mawnan Smith

Sun       Apr 29th             6.30pm             Divine Service & Psychic Art Dawn Lodge of Paignton




Tues     May 1st              2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Michelle Jasper of Penzance

Sat        May 5th            7.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Brenda Button of Falmouth

Sun       May 6th            6.30pm             Divine Service                Tracy Roseveare of Curys          

Tues     May 8th            2.30pm             Clairvoyance                   Eily Tatlow of Bodmin

Sat        May 12th          7.30pm             Clairvoyance         Eileen Rendle of Stratton

Sun       May 13th           6.30pm             Divine Service                Pam Bowers of Plymouth

Tues     May 15th           2.30pm             Clairvoyance                   Gloria Norman of Redruth

Sat        May 19th           7.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Francis Camborne-Paynter of Bodmin

Sun       May 20th           6.30pm             Divine Service                George Burridge of Truro

Tues     May 22nd          2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  John Packer of Bere Alston

Sat        May 26th           7.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Both Weekend Services To be taken by

 Sun       May 27th           6.30pm             Divine Service                Pam Bowers of Plymouth*


Tues     May 29th           2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Vi Robinson of Newquay



Sat        June 2nd           7.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Tracy Roseveare of Curys

Sun       June 3rd            6.30pm             Divine Service               Chris Jervis of Redruth

Tues     June 5th            2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Gloria Norman of Redruth

Sat        June 9th            7.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Roy Starling of St Merryn

Sun       June 10th          6.30pm             Divine Service  & Psychic Art      Dawn Lodge of Paignton

Tues     June 12th          2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Jean Newell of Plymouth CGWM

Sat        June 16th          7.30pm             Clairvoyance   Helen Johnson of Camborne

Sun       June 17th          6.30pm             Divine Service                Jan Chaney of Falmouth

Tues     June 19th           2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Kerry Jackson of Camborne

Sat        June 23rd          7.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Jeanette Holman of Camborne

Sun       June 24th           6.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Dorita Avery & Brenda Huntley of Falmouth

Tues     June 26th           2.30pm             Clairvoyance                  Tracy Mcquaid of Plymouth

Sat      June 30th 7.30pm Clairvoyance Gerry & Shirley Camborne-Paynter of Rilla Mill



All mediums above are
subject to cancellation for illness etc.

HEALING SESSIONS: Monday evenings from 7.00pm until 8.00pm
(except Bank Holidays)  Tuesday
afternoons, after the service. Wednesday afternoons from 2.00pm until 3.00pm

ANIMAL HEALING at the same times by appointment-please
ring 01326 315429

ENQUIRIES: PLEASE RING Falmouth 01326 316916 or 01326 317050


Christenings… £25 .    Weddings… £100     Funerals…£50