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Posted by Gloria Chalmers on 29/11/2015   Email

Hello, I came to the clairvoyance evening last night and was very impressed. I will defiantly be attending more services at your church. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. Thank you Gloria

Posted by Fran Powles on 09/05/2015   Email

Hi I used to visit Falmouth from my home in South Wales with my mother, staying with George & wife Myrna. Its lovely to see you have kept the church open in these difficult times.Take care everyone

Posted by Patricia Wilson on 16/03/2014   Email

I lived in Falmouth for almost a year and was given much help and comfort by George, Myrna and other Church members.I love to see the photos of The Lighthouse on The Hill. Such memories - you will never be forgotten. Much love, Pat XX

Posted by Jacqueline Hare on 22/02/2013   Email

I attended a number of your meetings back in 2007 and 2008 and received a (much needed) message from spirit at every one. I'm now back in Australia but I still have very fond memories of Falmouth Spiritualist Church, its congregation and the mediums. (And the after meeting cup or tea!)